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Over the last year and a half, NILE has worked to understand the lack of diversity within the lobbying profession. We have undergone a collaborative effort through our DEI Task Force to develop professional standards crafted by lobbyists for lobbyists. The lobbying profession has never been seen as an accessible profession, based largely on “who you know” relationships. Our goal is to break down these barriers to entry and promote diversity through new approaches to hiring, retention, and career advancement by proactively eliminating implicit and explicit bias.


Below you will find the professions first Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Code of Professional Standards (DEI-CPS). The goal is to begin to address the inequities within the profession in a real and proactive way. The DEI-CPS aims to help government affairs/lobbying firms, organizations, and associations/unions build diverse teams through:

  • Infrastructure-Building, Self-Assessment and Reporting

  • Education & Training

  • Hiring and Pipeline Initiatives

  • Retention

  • Career Advancement & Leadership


NILE encourages every lobbyist and their respective organization, firm, business, or company to join us in signing the professions first DEI Code of Professional Standards. 

Fill out the form below to sign onto the DEI-CPS

Thanks for signing on!

NILE DEI Resources
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NILE is putting real action and resources behind our public commitment to the DEI-CPS  by offering support for the efforts of DEI-CPS signatories through the following initiatives: ​

Education & Training

NILE will continue to offer free programing to help organizations implement the DEI-CPS to build stronger and more diverse teams

View Archived DEI Series Programs

Annual Intern Grant

NILE will award $5,000 in grants per year  to encourage more organizations to pay interns. This will open up the profession to skilled interns - not just the ones that can afford it. 

Learn more about our

Intern Grant

Projecting Diversity

NILE commits to project our pledge to diversity through our chosen speakers, board and committee members, and mentors. We believe our programs and our organization is stronger with a broad range of voices, experiences, and expertise. 

DEI Resources

NILE will provide resources tailored to our profession

View DEI Resources

Mentorship Program

NILE has expanded our mentorship program to include a diverse mix of mentor voices and experiences.

Become a Mentor



Archived DEI programs
Check Back for More DEI Programs!
Creating DEI Impact for Government Affairs Organizations of all Sizes
  • Kimberly Hulsey, Director, In-House Practice Group & Member, Major Lindsey & Africa 
  • Jacqueline Cranford, Esq, Founder & Principal, Cranford Advisory Services, LLC
  • Todd Cranford, Head of Government Relations & External Affairs, Financial Accounting Foundation
Creating a Diverse Team
Featuring the Boston Scientific Team:
  • Veronica Angel, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Brenda Becker, Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs
  • Shani Bird, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Student Series: Day in the Life of a Lobbyist
With Howard University
  • John Jones, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Nareit
  • Nana Nyanin, Senior Director, Rock Central
  • Eriade Williams, Principal, theGROUP
  • Ashli Palmer, Partner, Peck Madigan Jone



DEI Resource Links
Our DEI resources are a collaborative effort by the profession. If you have a resource you would like to add to the list let Nicole know at
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