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The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) seeks to increase accessibility in the lobbying profession for students and young professionals of all backgrounds. While a career in lobbying offers a dynamic and engaging work environment, it can often be perceived as inaccessible. In an effort to grow the profession, the industry needs to invest in communities and individuals across the country who may not be otherwise able to take on an unpaid lobbying internship. NILE hopes to increase opportunities for all individuals interested in the lobbying field.


For many students and young professionals interested in a lobbying career path, the cost of entry is insurmountable. That once in a lifetime internship opportunity in Washington can never be considered due to the enormous costs. Even for some living in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, the costs of accepting an unpaid internship are financially impossible.  


To help encourage change within our profession, NILE is offering five $1,000 internship grants. NILE seeks to help firms/organizations who are committed to providing the next generation of lobbyist with an opportunity but may not have the budget to pay them. These grants will be awarded based on need and commitment to diversity, with an aim of facilitating a meaningful and diverse internship program. 


2022 Internship Grant Application

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For any questions, please contact Paul Miller at 703-383-1330. The recipients hereof understand that NILE is providing access to a grant and not making any representations beyond that access. The parties agree that NILE will be held harmless from any issues relating to the employment of that person which will be done solely through the host business. The host employer and the grant recipient agree that participation in the program and/or the awarding of a grant is not a guarantee or warranty of qualification or suitability for employment of any grant recipient, and that the employment relationship is solely between the host employer and the grant recipient. NILE shall be held harmless by both the host employer and the grant recipient employee from any liability of any type arising from or related in any way to the selection process for employment or any aspect of the resulting employment.  Host employer agrees to defend NILE in any lawsuit, legal action, administrative process, or complaint of any nature; and to indemnify NILE for all judgments entered or settlements consummated on NILE’s behalf. Host employer will bear all costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees, related to or arising from the defense of any lawsuit, legal action, administrative process, or complaint of any nature brought against NILE arising out of any employment relationship that may be established with a grant recipient.   

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National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics

2022 Internship Grant

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