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Top Lobbyists Award

Created BY the Profession FOR the Profession

We set out on a mission to create a yearly Top Lobbyist list that is more representative of the profession.


Our list includes lobbyists, PAC managers, and grassroots professionals that have been nominated by their colleagues or clients to be a Top Lobbyist. Our list includes professionals that saw significant legislative success, have been innovative in their field, are held in high regard by their clients, and are individuals who give back to their community through charity or pro bono work.

Check back here in October 2021 when we start the nomination process for the 2021 Top Lobbyists list.


Nominated by a colleague, client, or volunteer organization


Detail specific success for the current year


Did the nominee innovate in their field during the current year


  • Amount of charity or pro bono work 

  • Is the nominee viewed positively by peers and clients