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NILE Supports Call for Change

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) is in support of and aligned with the message that has been laid out for us by the black community against racism and brutality within our justice system. We stand with the black community. We grieve for the families that have lost loved ones to violence and injustice.

We stand with the individuals fighting against systemic racism within American institutions. We are inspired and encouraged by the peaceful protests and political engagement taking place in cities throughout the country that have asked every individual and organization to look inward, to learn, and examine our own institutionalized racism. We have taken this to heart.

NILE understands that racism is a complex system of social and political mechanisms set up to discriminate against persons of color. We are listening, learning, and are looking inward at how we can be part of the solution and lead by example. We strive to create educational spaces that allow our profession to learn from each other and educate ourselves. We encourage you to be active in confronting injustices when they occur – to not be a bystander, to support national and local organizations leading the effort to bring change to our communities, and to look inward on your own organizations.

We are stronger together!


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