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Announcing College to Congress Partnership

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

College to Congress and the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics Team Up to Mentor the Next Generation of Government Affairs Professionals


Washington, DC – Today College to Congress and the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics announced a new partnership aimed at helping young professionals get a jump-start on their careers in government affairs, public-policy, lobbying, grassroots, political action committees, and communications through a new mentoring program partnership.

College to Congress is a non-profit dedicated to helping students secure critical internships that will help prepare them for their careers in government affairs and/or public service. When Congress excludes students based on their socioeconomic status, it fails to create policies shaped by people from various backgrounds. College to Congress helps break these barriers by providing students with the help and support they need to begin their careers in government affairs and public-service.

"At College to Congress, we know the mentor, mentee relationship is fundamental to the success of our students. Today's leaders often attribute aspects of their accomplishments to lessons learned, and conversations had with their own mentors. The National Institute For Lobbying & Ethics is a natural partner for our students at College to Congress as they navigate the beginning of their professional careers," added Audrey Henson, Founder & CEO, of College to Congress.

“This is a great day for our profession! Today we begin to build that pipeline NILE has been talking about in its Diversity & Inclusion Task Force,” Stated Tommy Goodwin, NILE President.

C2C and NILE’s partnership will bring students and seasoned veterans together to learn from one another. Today’s students will learn up close and personal from some of the best the lobbying profession has to offer, while these seasoned professionals will have the opportunity to learn from the students on what’s important to them and those of their generation. Together both the students and the mentors learn from each other, which helps them each grow personally and professionally.

“We’ve all had the person in our lives who has mentored us. Today is our chance to give back to our profession and begin our efforts to change the face of our profession so that it looks like every neighborhood and not just some,” stated Paul A. Miller, NILE Board Chairman. “Today we have an opportunity to move our profession in a direction that creates opportunity for all who want to join our ranks. That makes today a great day for all of us,” added Miller.

If you’d like to sign up to be a mentor, click the link below and complete the short form. C2C and NILE will then partner you up with a student that best matches your background.

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