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Amy Showalter Named 2023 NILE President's Award Recipient

Updated: May 10

By: Jocelyn Hong, NILE President 2022-2024

We are so proud to select Amy Showalter, who served as NILE’s Vice President 2022 – 2024, for the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics, President’s Award. 

Amy is a certified coach, facilitator, and trainer who, in addition to her advocacy and PAC consulting practice, helps government relations professionals identify and maximize their innate talents and strengths.  The COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing shut down of government and businesses, changed life as we knew it.  However, I firmly believe it is the role of the government relations professional to overcome and even thrive during challenging times.  We advise both our clients and the Members who rely on us, to jointly keep our system of government on the right path.  NILE continues to uphold the highest ethical standards for our industry.  It is reliant upon professionals such as Amy -- who exemplify the best in our industry, with her calm, positive outlook; ability to create fresh ideas and maintain momentum despite difficulties such as the slow reopening of the government.

Amy was instrumental in guiding so many activities and discussions of the Board during this time, including her critical input into priorities as important as lobbying reform, evaluating Top Lobbyist criteria; and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) code of professional standards.

Amy is a life-long government relations professional and a highly rated presenter.  She has been cited in over 900 media outlets, including the The Hill, Politico, CNN Money, Foxnews, CNBC, and Roll Call.  She is the author of “The Underdog Edge: How Everyday People Change the Minds of the Powerful . . . and Live to Tell About It.” (Morgan-James) and “The Art and Science of the BFF: 105 Ways to Build Relationships on the Hill, at the State House, and in City Hall”, which has sold over 16,000 copies. Amy is the Executive Editor of Creating and Managing an Association Government Relations Program, published by the American Society of Association Executives.  She holds a Bachelors in Political Science from Wright State University and an MSA from Central Michigan University.  She and her husband, Randy Boyer, reside with their dogs Eli and Finn in the greater Cincinnati area. 

Our NILE organization activities were elevated to a higher level with Amy’s strategic input.  I am so grateful for her tireless participation in the many agenda items we wanted to pursue.  Therefore, I want to publicly recognize Amy’s outstanding efforts to the advocacy profession.

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