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NILE Names 2024 Board of Directors

Members of the NILE Board at the 2023 Top Lobbyist Reception

Fairfax, VA – Today the National Institute For Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) announced its new leadership team for 2024. The new team is a diverse group of professionals representing trade associations, corporate companies, and a growing independent contractor segment of the profession.


NILE is pleased to announce that Jon Gentile will assume the role of President of NILE starting in January. Gentile leads the government relations work of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) and has been a NILE Board member since 2017.


“Jon has a vision for our future that will help us build on our goals of continuing education and ethics,” said Paul Miller, NILE Board Chair. 


Gentile will oversee NILE’s new AI Task Force, which will help set a standard for using AI in the lobbying profession, and will oversee the efforts to implement a national lobbying ID card. 


“NILE has been a guiding force for the lobbying profession since its inception and I’m excited to take on the challenge of leading the organization,” said Gentile. “During my term, I look forward to strengthening the excellent NILE initiatives already in place. This includes serving as a voice for all lobbyists by standing up for the profession; providing education through the Public Policy Certificate program and professional development panels; and continuing to promote NILE’s commitment to ethical lobbying. I’m honored to be joined in this effort by this distinguished Executive Committee and Board of seasoned professionals,” added Gentile.    


NILE also recognizes the many accomplishments of outgoing president Jocelyn Hong, who has served as president since 2022.


“We’d like to thank Jocelyn for serving as NILE president for the past two years. Jocelyn has been instrumental in moving this profession forward in a way that is inclusive and transparent,” said Miller. “She has been a true advocate for the First Amendment."

As president, Jocelyn has overseen and been a leader in NILE’s continued efforts to build on its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Code of Professional Standards. Building on these recommendations has been a priority during her presidency. Because of her leadership, NILE continues to make great strides in ensuring our profession is open to everyone.


In 2023, NILE held a record number of programs, which included a congressional staff ice cream social. Under Jocelyn’s leadership, NILE saw significant growth in our Public Policy Certificate program and saw a record number of applications for our annual Top Lobbyist designation. Jocelyn also led NILE’s efforts to push for the reopening of Capitol Hill.


“I recognize that I will have tough shoes to fill, but I am excited to build upon Jocelyn’s successes,” stated Gentile.


NILE continues to serve as the voice of the profession and is confident this new team will help build on the successes of past Presidents Tommy Goodwin and Jocelyn Hong. Both will continue to serve and be instrumental in building up our profession.


“Jocelyn will remain involved through her appointment to NILE’s Presidents Council, which was established to provide help and support to incoming Presidents. On behalf of the membership and the Board of Directors, thank you Jocelyn for all you have done and continue to do to build up our profession,” concluded Miller.  

2024 NILE Board



Board Chair: Paul Miller, Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies

President: Jon Gentile, National Association of Professional Insurance Agents 

Vice President: Elizabeth Bartz, State and Federal Communications, Inc.

Treasurer, Tom Fahy, Capitol Meteorologics

Secretary, Adnan Jalil, Alpha Strategies, LLC



Ivan Adler, Ivan Adler Associates

John Boling, International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants

Michelle Rounds Ly, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association

Amy Showalter, The Showalter Group

Todd White, Rulon & White Governance Strategies

Eriade Willams, News Corp


Molly Wilkinson, American Airlines

Larry Gonzalez, The Raben Group

Bill McCabe, K9s For Warriors

Gerard Evans, Evans & Associates



Jocelyn Hong, Jocelyn Hong & Associates

Tommy Goodwin, Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance 


About NILE

The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) is a leading non-partisan organization representing lobbying, public policy, and government affairs professionals. Our mission is to promote and foster ethical lobbying practices, professionalism, and competence through education. NILE provides a unified voice for the profession and the Constitution’s First Amendment right to petition the government. Our organization prescribes a strong Code of Ethics for its members to follow, as well as a rigorous Public Policy Certificate Program that assures lobbyists have a complete knowledge of the legislative, regulatory, and compliance processes.

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