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NILE Launches AI Task Force

Fairfax, VA – The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force dedicated to developing a code of ethics for using artificial intelligence in lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and PAC professions.


As artificial intelligence advances in capability, and as government affairs professionals continue to adopt the technology and utilize it as part of their jobs to influence policy, NILE believes it is important to adopt a code of ethics around the use of AI in the government affairs profession. With many questions surrounding the future of artificial intelligence, the possibility of bad actors using the technology to peddle “artificial influence” continues to threaten the profession.


“AI will transform most industries and lobbying is no different. Rather than rejecting it, professionals in the advocacy community should embrace the opportunity this new technology brings to better serve our clients and association members,” stated Jon Gentile, NILE President. “At the same time, AI must be used ethically and responsibly. NILE will play our part to ensure it is not abused in advocacy campaigns.”

NILE has appointed David Summers to chair the AI Task Force. David, a Government Solutions Executive at fintech leader Fiserv, brings an array of experience to guide this process and help the Task Force develop best practices for using AI in lobbying. David’s background in Government Relations, nonprofit issue advocacy, and high-growth tech startups will serve NILE to drive the discussion around these issues and craft the first-ever Lobbying Code of Conduct for this space.

NILE’s AI Task Force will hold its first meeting in January, with plans already in the works for a Town Hall-style event to address issues facing the profession regarding AI. “With artificial intelligence evolving quickly, it is important for the government affairs profession to establish clear guidelines and ethical standards for the use of AI in our daily course of business.” stated Paul Miller, NILE Board Chair, “NILE aims to ensure that government affairs professionals have a clear standard for properly utilizing artificial intelligence in their jobs, without crossing an ethical line.”

NILE’s Task Force will meet monthly to issue a report to the Board in November 2024, followed by a full release of the Task Force’s recommendations to the profession shortly after that.

2024 NILE AI Task Force Members

David Summers (Chair), Fiserv

Jon Gentile, NILE President, National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

Suhail Khan, Microsoft

Damara Catlett, The Raben Group

Mark Ames, American Industrial Hygiene Association 

Austin O’Boyle, Aristotle International

Elizabeth Maier, Policy Director, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Paul Miller, National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics


About NILE

The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) is a leading non-partisan organization representing lobbying, public policy, and government affairs professionals. Our mission is to promote and foster ethical lobbying practices, professionalism, and competence through education. NILE provides a unified voice for the profession and the Constitution’s First Amendment right to petition the government. Our organization prescribes a strong Code of Ethics for its members to follow, as well as a rigorous Public Policy Certificate Program that assures lobbyists have a complete knowledge of the legislative, regulatory, and compliance processes.

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