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NILE Applauds Congress For Standing Up Against Harassment

Washington, DC – Today, the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE), the professional membership association for government relations and advocacy profession, reiterated its continued support for legislation that will finally give those who have been harassed a vehicle to have their cases adjudicated fairly.

“Yesterday the United States Senate will voted on legislation that ends an effort to force women who have brought allegations of harassment into a system of arbitration where these claims can easily be covered up and dismissed,” said Jocelyn Hong, NILE President.

“NILE support for this legislation is unwavering as is our commitment to protect anyone who has been or is being harassed in the workplace whether that is Capitol Hill, K Street or anywhere in the advocacy profession,” said Stephanie Craig, the chair of the 2018 NILE task force on workplace sexual harassment in advocacy. “For this reason, NILE issued its own professional recommendations in 2020, which it continues to push companies and organizations to implement. Harassment of any kind has no place in this industry.””

The NILE code of conduct builds upon the work of lobbying professionals that resulted in the Force to End Harassment in Advocacy (FEHA), with the goal of creating adoptable guidelines, professional standards, and industry programs to support victims of workplace sexual harassment.

View NILE's Code of Conduct


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