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Next Generation Executives

Next Generation Executives (NextGen Execs) comprises young and new professionals who will be the next leaders in the lobbying profession. We are association, contract, and in-house lobbyists dedicated to lobbying for the causes we support in a manner consistent with NILE’s Code of Ethics.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, The National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics (NILE) formed this committee to focus on advancing educational and networking opportunities for our future leaders within the lobbying and government relations profession. Our mission is to promote ethical lobbying practices among the next generation of leaders in our industry by embodying NILE’s code of ethics in our everyday interactions with fellow lobbyists, lawmakers, regulators, government staff, and the public.


When Congress shut down in March of 2020, young lobbyists found themselves on the outside looking in. More than a year later, not much changed. For those who didn’t have a strong network at the time, struggled to deliver results. This, at least, is what Brian Hess experienced and heard from his friends and colleagues. With that in mind, Brian brought forward the idea of NextGen to the NILE Board to create a space for young professionals to network and learn from one another. 


While it’s still new, since its inception, NextGen has grown to a full committee of seven members planning educational and networking events. In September of 2021, it held its inaugural, in-person event, a combination educational panel on networking best practices, and a subsequent happy hour. More events like this are already underway. 

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Meet The NextGen Execs Team

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